How To Use Settings And Adjustments – iPhone 5S

How To Use Settings And Adjustments - iPhone 5S
How To Use Settings And Adjustments - iPhone 5S

Learn how to use Settings and Adjustments on your iPhone 5s.

Settings and adjustments

Adjust basic settings. Go to Settings > General > Accessibility > Switch Control, where you can:

  • Add switches
  • Turn off auto scanning (if youve added a Step to Next Item switch)
  • Adjust the scanning interval
  • Set scanning to pause on the first item in a group
  • Choose how many times to cycle through the screen before hiding Switch Control
  • Turn Auto Tap on or off and set the interval for performing a second switch action to show the control menu
  • Set whether a movement action is repeated when you hold down a switch, and how long to wait before repeating
  • Set whether and how long you need to hold a switch down before it is accepted as a switch action
  • Have Switch Control ignore accidental repeated switch triggers
  • Adjust point scanning speed
  • Turn on sound effects or speech
  • Select the items you want to see in the menu
  • Make the selection cursor larger or a different color
  • Set whether items should be grouped while item scanning
  • Save custom gestures that you can choose from the Action portion of the control menu.

Fine-tune Switch Control. Choose Settings from the control menu to:

  • Adjust scanning speed
  • Change the location of the control menu
  • Switch between item scan mode and point scan mode
  • Choose whether point scan mode displays crosshairs or a grid
  • Reverse the scanning direction
  • Turn on or off sound or speech accompaniment
  • Turn off groups to scan items one at a time
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