How To Use Scribble - HTC One Mini

How To Use Scribble - HTC One Mini
How To Use Scribble - HTC One Mini

Learn how to use scribble on your HTC One Mini. Want to make a page for your digital scrapbook or create interesting photos to share on your blog or social network? With ready-to-use templates in Scribble, you can get artistic and combine photos, text, and illustrations in a note. Your note can even display a bit of life when you include an animated gif. You can also add HTC Zoe photos.

  • Your friend's birthday coming up? Create a greeting card and link it to your friend's birthday in Calendar. When you receive a reminder, you can send your wishes in a few taps.
  • You can also take care of important stuff such as creating a list or tracking a budget.
  • By using a capacitive stylus pen (sold separately), you can refine illustrations or write in your own handwriting.

Composing a note

  • Open the Scribble app.

  • Tap + and choose a template.

  • Tap the area that says Title text here and type in a note title.

  • Use the editing tools to enter text, change the pen characteristics, draw or write figures, record audio, and more.

  • You can insert images such as photos and web page thumbnails.

  • Tap Undo icon or redo icon to undo or redo the last action.

  • Tap Menu for other options, such as changing the template, linking the note to an event, and more.

  • Press < to save the note.

Inserting images in a note

Insert photos, web page thumbnails, and more in your notes. You can also add HTC Zoe photos.

  • Open a note in the Scribble app.

  • To take a photo, tap Camera icon. Choose a frame, and then tap Frame icon. To customize the frame, tap Trace frame icon and then trace the frame.

  • To insert an image, tap Menu > Insert and browse to the photo you want to add.

  • To insert a web page thumbnail, tap Menu > Web content, and then in the Internet app, go to the web page that you want to import. Tap Menu > Share > Scribble.

  • Press and hold an element to move, resize, or delete it. You can also use two fingers to rotate an element.

Inserting an illustration and stickers in a note

Communicate ideas better by adding illustrations, stickers (also called emojis), and interesting visuals in your note.

  • Open a note in the Scribble app.

  • Tap Color icon and choose a pen stroke, color, and thickness. You can highlight or encircle important parts or draw figures.

  • Tap Pen Stoke icon and choose a color and thickness, and then draw figures or write text. The drawing is inserted at the cursor and is the same size as the surrounding text.

  • Tap Sticker icon and select a sticker

  • Press and hold a drawing or sticker to move, resize, or delete it. You can also use two fingers to rotate an image.

Creating a note for a photo blog

Think photos can best convey your story? Group photos into a note and easily share it on your photo blog or a social network.

You can make your note more entertaining by including photo collages, stickers, and more. You can also add HTC Zoe photos.

Note: If inserting a collage, first group the photos in the same event or album in Gallery.

  • Open the Scribble app.

  • Tap + and choose the photo blog template.

  • Tap Photo icon to capture a photo or select photos in Gallery and group them in a collage.

  • If inserting a collage, press and hold the collage and then select a layout. You can also:

  • Press and hold, and then drag around a photo within the frame to put the subject in the center of the frame.

  • Press and hold, and then drag a photo over another to re-arrange them.

  • Slide two fingers apart to zoom in on a photo, or slide two fingers together to zoom out.

  • Tap another layout to change the current layout.

  • Tap the area above the date, and then use the editing tools to insert text and illustrations.

  • Tap the + on the left to add another page.

  • Press < to save the note.

Note: To delete a page, press and hold a collage or photo, and then tap Delete. If you share the note as an image, all the pages will be contained in one .JPG file.

Grouping notes into a notebook

  • Open the Scribble app.

  • Tap Menu > Group.

  • Select the notes that you want to group, and tap Group.

  • Tap OK.

  • Enter a notebook name, and tap OK.

The number of notes in a notebook is displayed next to the notebook name on the Notebooks tab.

To group notes into an existing notebook, tap Menu > Move to. Select the notes you want to group, and then select the notebook.

To create a new notebook, swipe to the Notebook tab, tap +, and enter the notebook name.

Sharing a note

With a note opened, tap Share icon and choose how you want to share the note.

  • Attachment: Attach a note to an email. The recipient needs an HTC phone with the Scribble app to open and edit the note.
  • Hyperlink: Save the note using Google Drive online storage service and send a link. The recipient can view the note on a web browser or edit it in the Scribble app. If there are animated gifs in the note, the recipient can see them in motion when viewed on a web browser. HTC Zoe photos will also be animated.
  • Image: Insert the note as .JPG file. Share it through email or on a social network. If the note includes an animated gif, only the first frame of the video will be shared. The same applies for notes with HTC Zoe photos.
  • Plain text: Extract the text in a note and edit it before sharing.

Note: You can also share notes as multiple image files. On the Scribble main screen, tap Menu > Share > Image and select the notes and notebooks you want to share.

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