How To Use S Voice – Samsung Galaxy Alpha

How To Use S Voice - Samsung Galaxy Alpha
How To Use S Voice - Samsung Galaxy Alpha

Learn how to use S Voice on your Samsung Galaxy Alpha. Use this app to command the device by voice to perform various features.

  • Tap S Voice on the Apps screen. Alternatively, press the Home button twice.
  • To deactivate the access by pressing the Home button, tap Menu icon > Settings, then deselect Open via the home key.

Note: This app may not be available depending on the region or service provider.

Setting the language

  • Tap Menu icon > Settings > Language, and then select a language.

Note: The selected language is applied to S Voice only, not to the language displayed on the device.

Using S Voice

When you launch S Voice, the device starts voice recognition and the microphone icon turns red.

  • Say a voice command.
  • If you say a command and the device recognizes it, the microphone icon at at the bottom of the screen flashes green. Then, the device performs the command.
  • Tips for better voice recognitions:
    • Speak clearly.
    • Speak in quiet places.
    • Do not use offensive or slang words.
    • Avoid speaking in dialectal accents.

The device may not recognize your commands or may perform unwanted commands depending on your surroundings or how you speak.

Waking up S Voice in standby mode

  • If S Voice is not used for a certain period, it automatically switches to standby mode.
  • Tap the microphone icon or say “Hi Galaxy” to the device to resume voice recognition.

Changing the wake-up command

You can change the wake-up command from “Hi Galaxy”. The wake-up command is used to launch S Voice when the device is in standby mode.

  • Tap Menu icon > Settings > Voice wake-up > Set wake-up command.

Disabling voice feedback

  • Tap Menu icon > Disable Voice feedback. The device stops providing voice feedback when you say commands.

Correcting unwanted voice commands

You can edit the voice commands if the device does not recognize them correctly.

  • To correct a voice command, tap the last speech bubble that contains your spoken text and edit the text with the keyboard.

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