How To Use QuickMemo – LG G Pad

How To Use QuickMemo - LG G Pad
How To Use QuickMemo - LG G Pad

Learn how to use QuickMemo on your Lg G pad. The Quick Memo feature allows you to create memos and capture screen shots. Capture screens, draw on them, and share them with family and friends with Quick Memo.

  • To access the Quick Memo feature, slide the Status Bar downwards and touch Quick Memo icon.
  • Select the desired menu option from Pen type, Color, and Eraser. Then create a memo.
  • Tap View menu in the Edit menu and select Save icon to save the memo. To exit Quick Memo at any time, tap the Back Key.

Note: Please use a fingertip while using the QuickMemo. Do not use your fingernail.

Using the QuickMemo options

The following options are available when using QuickMemo.

  • Current Memo icon: Touch to keep the current memo on the screen and use the tablet simultaneously.
  • Whether icon: Selects whether to use the current screen as the background or a note image.
  • Undo And Redo icon: Allows you to undo and redo previous actions.
  • Pen Type icon: Selects the pen type and the color.
  • Erase icon: Erases the memo that you created.
  • Share icon: Touch to send your memo to others or share it via social networking services.
  • Save icon: Saves the memo in the Notebook or Gallery.

Viewing the saved QuickMemo

  • From the Home screen, tap Apps > Gallery or Notebook icon and select the QuickMemo album.
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