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How To Use Predictive Text On Samsung Galaxy S4
How To Use Predictive Text On Samsung Galaxy S4

Learn how to use predictive text while entering text on your Samsung Galaxy S4. By using the Predictive Text option, you can have next-letter prediction and regional error correction, which compensates for pressing the wrong keys on the QWERTY keyboard. Predictive text is turned on by default.

  • Press and hold Microphone icon on the keyboard, then tap Settings icon.
  • Tap the ON/OFF slider, located to the right of the Predictive text field, to On.
  • In the text portion of the message screen, begin typing a word. A list of word options is displayed. Tap one of the words to replace the word that has already been typed or scroll the line of words to the left for more word choices.
  • Continue typing your message. Tap Send Message icon to send the message or press Menu key for more options.

Note: You can also use Predictive Text mode in the portrait orientation.

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