How To Use NFC On HTC One

How To Use NFC On HTC One
How To Use NFC On HTC One

Learn how to use NFC on your HTC One. With built-in NFC (near field communication) on HTC One, you can share content to another NFC-capable mobile device in an instant. Beam webpages, photos, contact information, and more by holding HTC One and the other device back to back.

You can also use NFC for contactless payment. Contact your mobile operator to find out about the availability of NFC payment services.

How to turn on NFC in HTC One

Slide the Notifications panel open, and then tap Settings icon.

  • Under Wireless & networks, tap More.
  • Select the NFC option.

How to beam content on HTC One

Make sure that both devices are unlocked and have NFC turned on. If the other device has an Android Beam option, make sure it is also turned on.

While viewing the content that you want to share, hold HTC One and the other device back to back. When the devices connect, you'll hear a sound and both devices will vibrate slightly.

  • Tap the screen.

The shared content appears on the other screen. For some items that you've shared (such as contact information), additional instructions on how to save the item will appear on the receiving device.

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