How To Use Maps And Navigation - Nokia Lumia 928

How To Use Maps And Navigation - Nokia Lumia 928
How To Use Maps And Navigation - Nokia Lumia 928

Learn how to use maps and navigation o your Nokia Lumia 928. This sections explains how to:

  • use location services

  • use HERE maps

  • save favorite locations

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Positioning and location services

About positioning methods

Your phone shows your location on the map using GPS, A-GPS, Wi-Fi, or network (Cell ID) based positioning.

A-GPS and other enhancements to GPS may require transferring small amounts of data over the cellular network. If you want to avoid data costs, for example when travelling, you can switch the mobile data connection off in your phone settings.

Wi-Fi positioning improves positioning accuracy when satellite signals are not available, especially when you are indoors or between tall buildings. If youre in a place where the use of Wi-Fi is restricted, you can switch Wi-Fi off in your phone settings.

Depending on the available positioning methods, the accuracy of positioning may vary from a few meters to several kilometers.

The availability, accuracy and completeness of the location information depend on, for example, your location, surroundings, and third party sources, and may be limited. Location information may not be available, for example, inside buildings or underground. For privacy information related to positioning methods, see the Nokia Privacy Policy.

Switch location services on

Find out where you are using Maps, and save your location to the photos you take let apps use your location information to offer you a wider variety of services.

  • From the start screen, swipe left, and tap Settings icon.

  • Tap location, and switch Location services to On.

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