How To Use Knock Code – LG G3

How To Use Knock Code - LG G3
How To Use Knock Code - LG G3

Learn how to use knock code on your LG G3. The Knock Code feature allows you to tap the screen with your own Knock-Code pattern using the screen divided by 4 squares to easily turn the screen on or off. You can disable this feature in the Lock screen settings.


  • If you enter the wrong Knock-Code 6 times, it will compulsorily take you to your google account log in/backup PIN.
  • Use the fingertip instead of finger nail to tap the screen for turning it on or off.
  • When the Knock-Code is not in use, you can use Knock On function by taping the screen.

How To Use Knock Code - LG G3

  1. From the Home screen, tap the Apps Key > Settings .
  2. Tap Lock screen > Select screen lock > Knock Code.
  3. Tap the squares in a pattern to set your knock code. Your knock code pattern can be 3 to 8 taps. Tap Done when you’re finished.

Unlock the screen using the Knock-Code

You can unlock the screen by tapping the Knock-Code pattern you already set.

  • When the screen turns off, press the Power key
  • Tap the Knock Code pattern you set before.

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