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How To Use Device Administrator On Samsung Galaxy S4
How To Use Device Administrator On Samsung Galaxy S4

Learn how to use the device administrator on your Samsung Galaxy S4. The Device Administration feature allows you to select one or more administration applications that control your device for security purposes (for example, if your phone is lost or stolen). These applications enforce remote or local device security policies.

Some of the features a device administration application might control are:

  • Setting the number of failed password attempts before the device is restored to factory settings.
  • Automatically locking the device.
  • Restoring factory settings on the device.

Note: If a device uses multiple enabled administration applications, the strictest policy is enforced.

  • From the Home screen, tap Apps > Settings > More tab > Security.
  • Tap Device administrators.
  • Select a device administrator and follow the prompts. If no device administrators are listed, you can download them from the Play Store.

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