How To Use Camera - LG G Pad

How To Use Camera - LG G Pad
How To Use Camera - LG G Pad

Learn how to use camera on your LG G Pad. To open the Camera application, tap Camera icon on the Home screen.

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Getting to know the viewfinder

  • Swap camera: Switch between the camera lens and the frontfacing camera lens.
  • Shot mode: Allows you to choose a shot mode to define how the picture will be taken.
  • Settings: Touch this icon to open the settings menu. See Using the advanced settings on the following page.
    • Video mode: Tap (or slide) to toggle between Camera mode and Video mode.
    • Capture:Takes a picture.
    • Gallery: Touch to view the last photo you captured. This enables you to access your Gallery and view saved photos while in camera mode.

Note: Please ensure the camera lens is clean before taking pictures.

Taking a photo

  • Open the Camera application.
  • Holding the tablet horizontally, point the lens towards the subject you want to photograph.
  • A focus box will appear in the center of the viewfinder screen. You can also tap anywhere on the screen to focus on that spot.
  • When the focus box turns green, the camera has focused on your subject.
  • Touch to capture the photo.

Once you've taken a photo

Touch the image preview at the bottom of the screen to view the last photo you took.

  • Smartshare icon: Touch to share your photo using the SmartShare function.
  • Photo icon: Touch to take another photo immediately.
  • Share icon: Touch to send your photo to others or share it via social network services.
  • Delete icon: Touch to delete the photo.

Note: If you have a social networking account and set it up on your tablet, you can share your photo with your social networking community.

Touch the Menu Key to open the following options.

  • Set image as: Touch to use the photo as a Contact photo, Home screen wallpaper or Lock screen wallpaper.
  • Move icon: Touch to move the photo to another album.
  • Copy icon: Touch to copy the selected photo and save it to another album.
  • Copy to Clip Tray: Touch to copy the photo and store in the Clip Tray.
  • Rename: Touch to edit the name of the selected photo.
  • Rotate left/right: Touch to rotate the picture to the left or right.
  • Crop: Crop your photo. Move your finger across the screen to select the area to be cropped.
  • Edit: Touch to edit the photo.
  • Brightness icon: Applies a brightness effect to your photo.
  • FX icon: Applies artistic effects to your photos.
  • Color Effect icon: Applies color effects to your photos.
  • More options icon: Applies additional options to your photos.
  • Slideshow: Automatically displays a slideshow of all your pictures.
  • Add location: To add the location information.
  • Print: Allows you to print the picture.
  • Details: Displays more information about the picture.

Viewing your saved photos

You can access your saved photos when in camera mode. Just tap the image preview in the bottom of the screen and your Gallery will be displayed.

  • To view more photos, scroll left or right.
  • To zoom in or out, double-tap the screen or place two fingers and spread them apart (move your fingers closer together to zoom out).

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