How To Make Calls – Nokia Lumia 925

How To Make Calls - Nokia Lumia 925
How To Make Calls - Nokia Lumia 925

Learn how to make calls on your Nokia Lumia 925. Contact your friends and family, and share your files, such as photos, using your phone. Stay tuned with the latest updates to your social networking services even when on the go. Want to make calls on your new phone and talk to your friends? Read on and you’ll learn how.

Call a contact

Calling your friends is quick and easy when you’ve saved them as contacts in your phone.

  • Tap Phone icon > Contact icon.

  • Tap the contact and the number.

Note: Is your friend’s voice too loud or quiet? Press the volume keys to change the volume.

Call a phone number

Tap Call icon > Phone number icon, type in the phone number, and tap call.

To type in the + character, used for international calls, tap and hold 0.

The + character only works from abroad. The + character may not work in all regions. In this case, enter the international access code directly.

Copy and paste a phone number

Tap and hold the phone number, and tap copy, and in a text box, tap Copy icon.

View your call history

  • Tap Call icon.
  • To remove a call record, tap and hold the call record, and tap delete item. To remove all the call records, tap . . . > delete all.
  • To search for a call record, tap Call icon > Search icon, and type in the contact’s name or phone number.

Use your voice to make a call

You can use your voice to call a contact.

  • Press and hold Start icon.

  • Say Call and the contact’s name.

  • To cancel, press Back key.

Note: You can also use voice dialing with a Bluetooth headset. This feature may not be available in all languages.

Silence an incoming call

If your phone rings when you don’t want to be disturbed, you can silence your phone.

Tap Settings > audio, swipe left, and switch Flip to silence to On.

When someone calls you, press the volume key or turn your phone face down.

Note: Want to silence your phone quickly? Press the lock key.

Call the last dialed number

Still have some words to say to your friends? Call them again. In the call history view, you can see info about the calls you have made and received.

  • On the start screen, tap Call icon.

  • Tap next to the name or phone number.

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