How To Use Calendar App – Nokia Lumia 630

How To Use Calendar App - Nokia Lumia 630
How To Use Calendar App - Nokia Lumia 630

Learn how to use calendar app on your Nokia Lumia 630. Want to see your appointments for the day or week at a glance? Planning when to have your vacation? You can browse through your calendar in different views.

  • On the start screen, swipe left, and tap Calendar icon.
  • To switch between the daily, weekly, monthly, and yearly views, tap Calendar icon. In the weekly or monthly view, tap the day to see all your events.
  • To switch between days, weeks, months, or years, swipe left or right. To quickly jump to a particular month of a given year, in the yearly view, swipe to the year you want, and tap the month.

Note: If you allow the calendar to use your location, you can also check the weather in the daily or weekly view.

Check your task list

  • Tap . . . > tasks.

Add an appointment

Need to remember an appointment? Add it to your calendar. On the start screen, swipe left, and tap Calendar.

  • Tap Add icon.
  • Type in the details you want, and set the time.
  • To add, for example, the duration, reminder, or recurrence for the event, tap more details.
  • When done, tap Save icon.

Note: To edit an event, tap and hold the event you want, tap edit, and edit the details you want.

Send a meeting invitation

  • When creating an event, tap more details > add someone > + icon, select the contacts you want, and tap Save icon.
  • You can send meeting invitations to contacts who have a mail address.

Create an event on another calendar

  • By default, your events go to your Microsoft account calendar. If you have, for example, a shared calendar with your family, you can create and share the event instantly. To change the calendar when creating the event, tap more details > Calendar and the calendar you want to use.

Example: You can create an event to a calendar you are sharing with other people, such as your Family room calendar or your work calendar, so they know when you are busy.

Change your status for an event

  • When you want to let others know when youre busy or out of the office, tap more details > Status and the status you want. By default, your status is free.

Delete an appointment

  • Tap and hold the appointment, and tap delete.

Add a task to your task list

Do you have important deadlines to meet at work, library books to return, or some other tasks you need to remember? You can add them to your task list and cross them out once completed. If you have a particular deadline, set a reminder.

  • On the start screen, swipe left, and tap Calendar.
  • Tap . . . > tasks.
  • Tap + icon, and fill in the fields.
  • To add a reminder, switch Reminder to On icon, and set the reminder date and time.
  • Tap Save icon.

Edit or delete a task

  • Tap and hold the task, and tap edit or delete.

Note: Feeling energetic? Or hands full and no time for extra tasks? To quickly bring the time of the event forward or postpone it, tap and hold the task, and select the option you want.

Mark a task as complete

  • Tap and hold the task, and tap complete.

Use multiple calendars

When you set up mail accounts on your phone, you can see the calendars from all your accounts in one place.

  • On the start screen, swipe left, and tap Calendar
  • To show or hide a calendar, tap . . . > settings, and turn the calendar on or off. When a calendar is hidden, the calendar events and reminders are not shown in different calendar views.

Change the color for each calendar

  • Tap . . . > settings, and tap the current color and the new color.

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