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How To Use Calculator App - Samsung Galaxy Note 3
How To Use Calculator App - Samsung Galaxy Note 3

Learn how to use calculator app on your Samsung Galaxy Note 3. With this feature, you can use the phone as a calculator. The calculator provides the basic arithmetic functions; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. The Calculator also keeps a history of recent calculations.

  • From the Home screen, tap Apps > Calculator icon.
  • Enter the first number using the on-screen numeric keys.
  • Enter the operation for your calculation by tapping the corresponding on-screen arithmetic function key.
  • Enter the second number.
  • To view the result, tap equals icon.
  • To view calculator history, tap History icon located at the top of the calculator buttons. A history of your past calculations is displayed. Tap History icon again to display the calculator keypad.
  • To clear the calculator history, press Menu key > Clear history.
  • Press Menu key One-handed operation on to set the display so that it is easier to use the calculator with one hand. Press Menu key One-handed operation off to turn it off.
  • Turn your phone sideways to the landscape position to display the scientific calculator.

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