How To Use Bluetooth On iPhone 5

How To Use Bluetooth On iPhone 5
How To Use Bluetooth On iPhone 5

Learn how to use Bluetooth on iPhone 5. You can use iPhone with the Apple Wireless Keyboard and devices, such as headsets, car kits, and stereo headphones.

How to pair Bluetooth devices on iPhone 5

Before you can use a Bluetooth device with iPhone, you must first pair them.

  • Pair a Bluetooth device with iPhone:
    • Make the device discoverable. For an Apple Wireless Keyboard, press the power button.
    • Go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn Bluetooth on.
    • Select the device and, if prompted, enter the passkey or PIN.
  • For information about using an Apple Wireless Keyboard, see How to use Apple Wireless Keyboard.
  • Return audio output to iPhone when a Bluetooth headset is connected: Turn off or unpair the device, or turn off Bluetooth in Settings > Bluetooth. Audio output returns to iPhone whenever the device is out of range. You can also use AirPlay to switch audio output to iPhone. See How to use AirPlay.

Bluetooth status on iPhone 5

After you pair a device with iPhone, the Bluetooth icon appears in the status bar at the top of the screen:

  • Bluetooth icon: Bluetooth is on and paired with a device. (The color depends on the current color of the status bar.)
  • Bluetooth icon without color: Bluetooth is on and paired with a device, but the device is out of range or turned off.
  • No Bluetooth icon: Bluetooth is not paired with a device.

How to unpair a Bluetooth device from iPhone 5

You can unpair a Bluetooth device if you dont want to use it with iPhone any more.

  • Unpair a Bluetooth device: Go to Settings > Bluetooth and turn on Bluetooth. Tap next to the device name, then tap Forget this Device.


This article will work on all iPhones using iOS 6; including iPhone 3GS, iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, and iPhone 5.

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