How To Use Applications On Samsung Galaxy Note 2

How To Use Applications On Samsung Galaxy Note 2
How To Use Applications On Samsung Galaxy Note 2

The Application menu on Samsung Galaxy Note 2 provides quick access to the most frequently used applications. Applications display on each of the three panels on the Applications screens.

Note: Once you log into your Google account. All previously downloaded apps should now be populated within the Application screens.

Application Screen Menu Settings on Samsung Galaxy Note 2

When on the Apps screen, the following menu options are available:

  • Press Home button and then tap Apps icon.
  • Press Menu key and then select from the following options:
    • Play Store: provides quick access to the Play Store.
    • Edit: allows you to organize your current applications by moving them around the screen, edit or delete existing App folders.
    • Create folder: allows you to create an application folder where you can better organize and group desired apps.
    • Uninstall: allows you to uninstall a user-downloaded application. Only those applications that are not default to the device can be downloaded. Tap remove icon to remove the selected app.
    • Downloaded applications: allows you to filter the view of apps to only those applications that you have downloaded.
    • View type: allows you to customize the way the Apps menu listing is shown.
    • Share apps: allows you to share information about selected applications with external users.
    • Hide applications: allows you to specify which current applications are hidden from view in this menu. Once you have selected the apps, tap Done.
    • Show hidden applications: allows you to specify which previously hidden applications are can be made visible again for viewing in this menu. Once you have selected the apps, tap Done.
  • Press Home button to return to the Home screen.

The following table contains a description of each application available via both the Primary shortcuts area and via the Applications screens. If the application is already described in another section of this user manual, then a cross reference to that particular section is provided. For information on navigating through the Applications icons.

AllShare Play

  • Allows you to share your on-device media content with other external devices using DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) and built-in AllShare Play technology.


  • Provides access to via a built-in mobile application.


  • Launches the on-screen calculator application. The calculator provides the basic arithmetic functions; addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division. You can also use this as a scientific calculator.


  • Launches a calendar application that syncs to your Facebook, Google, or Microsoft Exchange work calendars.


  • Launches the built-in 8.0 megapixel camera application from where you can take a picture with either the front or rear facing cameras.

Note: A micro SD card is no longer needed to take pictures or shoot video due to built-in storage.

Note: The default storage location is your phone. It is recommended that you store your pictures and videos on a microSD card. If something were to occur to the device, your files are still protected. In addition to taking photos, the built-in camera also doubles as a camcorder that also allows you to record, view, and send high definition videos.


  • Provides a global mobile communication service where you can chat with more than 2 buddies via a group chat. Share things such as pictures, videos, animation messages (Scribbles), audio, Contacts, Calendar entries, and Location information.


  • Allows you to set an alarm, configure and view the World clock, use a stopwatch, set a timer, or Desk clock. The applications display in a tabular format and quickly accessed with the touch of a finger.


  • The default storage location for saving phone numbers to your Contacts List is your phones built-in memory.


  • Provides quick access to tabs containing a list of your current downloaded files (Internet and Other).


  • Provides access to your desktop files directly from your device.


  • Provides access to both your Outlook (Exchange Server-based) work email and Internet email accounts (such as Gmail and Yahoo! Mail).


  • This application creates a personalized digital magazine out of everything being shared with you. Access news stories, personal feeds and other related material.


  • Displays a Gallery of camera images and video stored in the microSD card.

Game Hub

  • Provides a premium one-stop service center that lets you play, connect and share games on compatible Samsung Android devices.


  • Provides access to your Gmail account. Google Mail (Gmail) is a web-based email service. Gmail is configured when you first set up your phone.


  • Provides an on-screen Internet search engine powered by Google.

Google +

  • This application makes messaging and sharing with your friends a lot easier. You can set up Circles of friends, visit the Stream to get updates from your Circles, use Messenger for fast messaging with everyone in your Circles, or use Instant Upload to automatically upload videos and photos to your own private album on Google+.

Group Cast

  • This application lets you share documents, photos or music in real-time with other connected friends.


  • The Help app provides additional in-device information on Learning the basics, Changing important settings, Use Key applications, and Help settings.


  • Open the browser to start surfing the web. The browser is fully optimized and comes with advanced functionality to enhance the Internet browsing feature on your device.

Kies air

  • Allows you to sync your Windows PC wirelessly with your phone (as long as both are on the same Wi-Fi network). You can now have real-time access of your phone through your PC to view call logs, videos, photos, bookmarks, IMs, and even send SMS messages directly from your home computer.


  • Lets you see your friends locations and share yours with them. The application also lets you see your friends locations on a map or in a list. It also lets you send instant messages and emails, make phone calls, and get directions to your friends locations.


  • Displays company locations as markers on Google Maps. When viewing an area you can quickly locate a business or person, find out more information about the business, see coupons, public responses, and more.


  • Launches a Web-based dynamic map that helps you find local businesses, locate friends, view maps and get driving directions.

Media Hub

  • Provides you with a one stop shop for the hottest movie and TV content. You can now rent or purchase your favorite content and then watch it from the convenience of anywhere.


  • Provides access to text and multimedia messaging (SMS and MMS).


  • Allows you to bring groups of friends together into a simple group conversation. When you get a new conversation in Messenger, Google+ sends an update to your phone.

Mobile HotSpot

  • Provides access to the Tethering and portable HotSpot menu where you can use either the USB tethering or portable hotspot functionality.

Music Hub

  • Allows you to purchase and download songs.

Music Player

  • Launches the built-in Music player that allows you to play music files that you have stored on your microSD card. You can also create playlists.

My Files

  • Lets you view supported image files and text files on both your internal storage and microSD card. Organize and store data, images, and more in your own personal file folders. Files are stored to either the internal storage or memory card in separate (user defined) folders.


  • Launches a Web-based navigation application. Caution! Traffic data is not real-time and directions may be wrong, dangerous, prohibited, or involve ferries.

Need for Speed Most Wanted

  • Provides access to a built-in game.

Paper Artist

  • Provides access to an in-device graphics program.


  • Provides the ability to make or answering calls, access the Contacts list, which is used to store contact information.

Play Books

  • Provides access to read over 3 million ebooks on the go.

Play Magazines

  • With Google Play Magazines, you can subscribe to your favorite magazines and have them available to read on your phone at any time or any place.

Play Movies & TV

  • Rent movies and TV shows on Google Play and watch instantly using the Google Play Movies app.

Play Music

  • Launches the built-in Google Music Player that allows you to play music files that you have both downloaded from Google Music and stored on your microSD card.

Play Store

  • Formerly known as the Android Market, it provides access to downloadable applications, games, music, and movies. The Play Store also allows you to provide feedback and comments about an application, or flag an application that might be incompatible with your phone.

Polaris Office 4.0

  • This application is a Microsoft Office compatible office suite. This application provides a central place for managing your documents online or offline.

S Note

  • Use S Note to create notes with productivity tools that turn handwriting into typed text and correct drawn shapes, lines, and formulas to make them perfect.

S Suggest

  • Provides on-screen recommendations for applications that are specifically supported and made for use on your device.

S Voice

  • Launches your phones built-in voice recognition system that allows you to initiate several common tasks without having to touch the device. Features include: Call, Text, Navigate, Play music, Memo, and Driving mode.

Samsung Apps

  • Allows you to easily download an abundance of applications to your device. This includes games, news, reference, social networking, navigation, and more.


  • Accesses the devices built-in Settings menu.


  • Launches a Web-based Google Talk application that lets you chat and video conference with family and friends over the Internet for free.

Video Player

  • Launches your devices built-in video application that plays video files stored on your microSD card.

Visual Voicemail

  • Visual Voicemail enables users to view a list of people who left a voicemail message, and listen to the any message they want without being limited to chronological order.

Voice Recorder

  • Allows you to record an audio file up to one minute long and then immediately send it as a message.

Voice Search

  • Launches the Google Now application that is used for voice to text Internet searching.

VPN Client

  • This is a full-featured VPN Client that provides support for the latest IPSec VPN standards and provides interoperability with support for all major VPN Gateways.


  • Launches the YouTube webpage via the browser.

Zynga Games

  • Launches the Zynga portal from where you can connect via Facebook and play with your friends.

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