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How To Sync Accounts On Samsung Galaxy S4
How To Sync Accounts On Samsung Galaxy S4

Learn how to sync accounts on your Samsung Galaxy S4. From the Accounts menu you decide if you want applications to synchronize, send, and receive data at any given time, or if you want the applications to synchronize automatically. After determining how you want the accounts to synchronize, indicate which account to synchronize with your Contacts list.

  • From the Home screen, tap Contacts icon.
  • Press Menu key then tap Accounts. If you have previously added any accounts, the Sync settings prompt is displayed with your current accounts listed.
  • Tap an account that you would like to synchronize.
  • At the Sync settings screen, tap the options that you would like to synchronize for that account.
  • Tap Sync now to synchronize the account. The account is synchronized.
  • Press Back key to return to the Contacts list.

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