How To Setup Sony Xperia Tablet Z

How To Setup Sony Xperia Tablet Z
How To Setup Sony Xperia Tablet Z

Learn how to setup Sony Xperia Tablet Z for the first time. The first time you start your device, a setup guide opens to explain basic functions and help you enter essential settings. This is a good time to configure the device to your specific needs. You can also access the setup guide later from the Application screen.

To access the setup guide manually

  • From the Home screen, tap Apps.
  • Tap Settings > Setup guide.

Screen lock

When your device is on and left idle for a set period of time, the screen darkens to save battery power, and locks automatically. This lock prevents unwanted actions on the touchscreen when you are not using it. On the lockscreen, you can still take photos and play audio tracks.

To activate the screen

  • Briefly press the power key.
  • If Tap to wake up mode is enabled, double-tap the screen.
  • To enable Tap to wake up mode, go to the Home screen, then tap Apps > Settings > Display > Tap to wake up.

To unlock the screen

  • Drag up or drag down.

To lock the screen manually

  • When the screen is active, briefly press the power key .

Accounts and services

Sign in to your online service accounts from your device to get easy access when you're on the move. For example, you can integrate contacts from your Google account into your Contacts, so you have everything in one place. You can sign up to new online services from your device as well as from a computer.

Google account

Having a Google account is key to using a range of applications and services with your Android device. You need a Google account, for example, to use the Gmail application in your device, chat with friends using Google Talk, and synchronize the calendar application on your device with your Google Calendar. You also need a Google account to download applications and games, music, movies, and books from Google Play.

Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account

Synchronize your device with your corporate Microsoft Exchange ActiveSync account. This way, you keep your work email, contacts, and calendar events with you at all times.

Facebook account

Facebook is a social networking service that connects you with friends, family, and colleagues around the world. Set up Facebook to work on your device so that you can stay in touch from anywhere.

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