How To Setup Remote Control - HTC One Mini

How To Setup Remote Control - HTC One Mini
How To Setup Remote Control - HTC One Mini

Learn how to setup remote control on your HTC One Mini. Tired of shuffling your TV, set top box, and home theater system remote controls while watching TV? You can combine them into one remote.

Note: Make sure you have created a Room. By default, your first Room will be called "TV Room". Make sure HTC One Mini has an Internet connection.

  • Open the TV app.

  • Tap View icon to select the Room you want to create a remote for.

  • Tap Remote > Start.

  • Select the devices you want to control with your remote, and then tap Next.

Note: The TV option can't be deselected.

  • Select the brand of your TV, and then tap Next.

  • Make sure your TV is off, and then tap Next.

  • Point HTC One Mini towards the TV and tap the blinking button on the screen.

  • Tap Yes if HTC One Mini was able to turn on your TV, and then follow the onscreen instructions to continue setting up the other devices.

  • If the TV didn't turn on, tap No. HTC One Mini will try another remote control profile.

  • If a matching remote control profile isn't found, you'll need to manually set up the remote control.

Customizing the remote control buttons

Are the predefined buttons not to your liking? You can change any button.

Note: To avoid conflict with the EPG, it is recommended to not change any of the buttons on the Number pad tab.

  • Open the TV app.

  • Tap Remote > Menu > Button setup.

  • Tap a button to configure.

Note: Red buttons (except for the Record button) have not been configured.

  • Align the IR port on HTC One mini with the IR port on your device's remote control. Your HTC One Mini and your device's remote control should be less than 5 cm apart.

  • On your device's remote control, press and hold the button you want to add to HTC One Mini.

  • Tap the blinking onscreen button to test the button.

  • Tap Yes to finish setting up the button.

Note: If you tap No, you'll be prompted to try again.

  • Press < until you exit the Button setup mode.

Control TV

  • Open the TV app.

  • Tap Remote icon.

  • Do any of the following:

    • Turn the TV, set top box, or home theater system on or off : On the Power & input tab, tap the On, Off, On/Off button under the device name.

    • Change the input source for the TV or home theater system : On the Power & input tab, tap the Input button under the device name.

    • Change channels, adjust or mute the volume, and more : Go to the Ch/Vol tab.

    • Enter channel numbers directly: Go to the Number pad tab.

    • Switch between recently watched channels : On the Number pad tab, ta pBackkey. You can also switch to a recently watched channel in the Notifications panel.]

    • Access the playback controls: Go to the Ch/Vol tab.

    Note: To automatically turn on the display when you pick up HTC One Mini while using the TV app, select the Auto Wake option in Menu > Settings.

    Controlling your TV from the Notifications panel

    Get a call while watching TV? You can easily use HTC One Mini to mute the TV and more.

    • Slide open the Notifications panel.

    • Tap the controls to mute the TV, switch channels, and more.

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