How To Romance Miranda In Mass Effect 3

How To Romance Miranda In Mass Effect 3

You can romance Miranda on Mass Effect 3. In Mass Effect 3, Shepard is out of Cerberus; all your companions from Mass Effect 2 ditched the terrorist organization with you. One of those companions, and supporter of Cerberus in the group, is one Miranda Lawson. She is genetically enhanced, she wears a skin tight suit, and shes played by the stunning Yvonne Strahovski. She is on the run from her former bosses, but willing to help when she can. Shell stop by to speak with Shepard throughout the campaign. But if you sparked a romance back in ME2 and made use of the character transfer, you can rekindle her simmering flame. How to romance Miranda; read on the guide below.

Warning: All serious relationships are final! You can only have one romantic relationship. Entering one will nullify others.

Rule of Thumb: Always choose Polite or Paragon choices while talking to potential partners. Generally, those are the upper choice, with Impolite or Renegade options below.

  • Prerequisite: She must survive the events of ME2, and you must start a relationship in ME2 with Male Shepard.
  • If you entered into a romantic relationship with Miranda in ME2, youll have the option to rekindle it in ME3.
  • Early, after the Mars and Turian homeworld missions, shell contact you and request a meeting in the Citadel. Speak with her at the Normandy docks.
  • After the Priority mission on the Citadel, youll be able to speak with her in your Spectre office. Shell request to talk in person in the Presidium Commons apartments. Visit her, and if youve been polite, youll be able to commit to a serious relationship.

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