How To Read Math Equations - iPhone 5S

How To Read Math Equations - iPhone 5S
How To Read Math Equations - iPhone 5S

Learn how to read math equations on your iPhone 5s.

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Read math equations

VoiceOver can read aloud math equations encoded using:

  • MathML on the web
  • MathML or LaTeX in iBooks Author

Hear an equation.

  • Have VoiceOver read the text as usual. VoiceOver says math before it starts reading an equation.

Explore the equation.

  • Double tap the selected equation to display it full screen and move through it one element at a time.
  • Swipe left or right to read elements of the equation.
  • Use the rotor to select Symbols, Small Expressions, Medium Expressions, or Large Expressions, then swipe up or down to hear the next element of that size.
  • You can continue to double-tap the selected element to drill down into the equation to focus on the selected element, then swipe left or right, up or down to read one part at a time.

Equations read by VoiceOver can also be output to a braille device using Nemeth code, as well as the codes used by Unified English Braille, British English, French, and Greek.

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