How To Edit Text On iPhone 6 Plus

How To Edit Text On iPhone 6 Plus
How To Edit Text On iPhone 6 Plus

Learn how to edit text on your iPhone 6 Plus.

Revise text

  • Touch and hold the text to show the magnifying glass, then drag to position the insertion point.

Select text

  • Tap the insertion point to display the selection options. Or double-tap a word to select it. Drag the grab points to select more or less text. In read-only documents, such as webpages, touch and hold to select a word. For information, see How To Enter text.

  • You can cut, copy, or paste over selected text. With some apps, you can also get bold, italic, or underlined text (tap B/I/U); get the definition of a word; or have iPhone suggest an alternative. Tap Play icon to see all the options.
  • Undo the last edit. Shake iPhone, then tap Undo.

Save keystrokes

  • A shortcut lets you enter a word or phrase by typing just a few characters. For example, type omw to enter On my way! That ones already set up for you, but you can also add your own

  • Create a shortcut. Go to Settings > General > Keyboard, then tap Shortcuts.
  • Have a word or phrase you use and dont want it corrected? Create a shortcut, but leave the Shortcut field blank.
  • Use iCloud to keep your personal dictionary up to date on your other devices. Go to Settings > iCloud, then turn on iCloud Drive or Documents & Data.

Note: Refer here for more information on iPhone 6 Plus.

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