How To Deal With Cannibals And Marauders In Mass Effect 3

How To Deal With Cannibals And Marauders In Mass Effect 3

You can deal effectively with Cannibals and Marauders in Mass Effect 3. Follow the simple steps below.

When a Marauder connects a red beam to a Cannibal, he’s bolting armor plates onto it.

The armor plates don’t just add HP; they totally block shots to those areas until they’re knocked off.

If you’re accurate, you can still shoot the unarmored parts for full damage.

Cannibals eat their fallen comrades’ corpses; that is useful to draw them out and distract them.

If they do this when they’re on full health, eating actually puts armor plates on them.

In situations where there are Marauders and Cannibals fighting together, it makes tactical sense to sever their connection by destroying all of one or the other first.

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