How To Customize Email Settings On Samsung Galaxy Note 2

How To Customize Email Settings On Samsung Galaxy Note 2
How To Customize Email Settings On Samsung Galaxy Note 2

You can customize email settings on Samsung Galaxy Note 2.

  • From the Home screen, tap Apps icon > Email icon.
  • Select an account.
    • Press Menu key and then tap Settings > <Account>.
  • Alter any of the following settings:
    • Account name: displays your uniquely created account display name.
    • Your name: displays the name used in the From field of your outgoing email messages.
    • Signature: Lets you attach a customized signature to the bottom of all outgoing emails.
      • In a single motion touch and slide the Signature slider to the right to turn it on.
      • Tap the Signature field, change the current text, and tap Done to save the new signature.
  • Default account: Assign this account as the default email account used for outgoing messages.
  • Always Cc/Bcc myself: allows you to include your own email address in either the CC, Bcc, or None fields. Lets you always receive a copy of outgoing emails.
  • Forward with attachment: Lets you include attachments when forwarding an email.
  • Recent messages: adjusts the number of on-screen messages shown in the current category list at any one time.
  • Show images: allows you to view embedded images located within the body of the currently displayed email.
  • Security options: allows you to configure email security settings. Choose from: Encrypt all outgoing email, Sign all outgoing email, Create keys, Private keys, Public keys, and Set default key.
  • Sync Email: enables automatic email synching between your device and the remote server.
  • Auto download attachments: allows the device to automatically download email attachments when an active Wi-Fi connection is detected. This process speeds up the process of downloading an emails attachment for offline review by not using a 3G or 4G network connection.
  • Size to retrieve emails: configures the incoming email size allowed to pass through to your phone automatically without user interaction. Emails with attachments larger than configured will have to be retrieved manually.
  • Auto resend times: enables the device to resend an outgoing email a specified number of times if delivery fails.
  • Sync schedule: allows you to control the email sync schedule on both Peak and Off-Peak times.
  • Email notifications: Activates the email notification icon to appear within the Notifications area of the status bar when a new email (Gmail, etc..) is received.
  • Select ringtone: Plays a selected ringtone when a new email message is received.
  • Vibrate: Activates a vibration when a new email message is received.
  • Incoming settings: Lets you specify incoming email settings, such as User name, Password, IMAP server, Security type, Port, and IMAP path prefix.
  • Outgoing settings: Lets you specify outgoing email settings, such as SMTP server, Security type, Port, Require sign-in, User name, or Password.

Note: Some the above options may not be displayed when using some Internet account types.

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