How To Connect Keyboard, Mouse, And Other Devices On Nexus 7

How To Connect Keyboard, Mouse, And Other Devices On Nexus 7
How To Connect Keyboard, Mouse, And Other Devices On Nexus 7

You can connect a keyboard, mouse, or even a joystick or other input device to your tablet via USB or Bluetooth and use it just as you would with a PC. You may need an adapter to connect the keyboard or other device to your tablets USB port. To connect more than one USB device at a time, use a powered USB hub to reduce the drain on your tablets battery. You pair and connect Bluetooth input devices to your tablet in the same way as any other Bluetooth device.

How to connect Keyboards on Nexus 7

In addition to entering text, you can use your keyboard to navigate your tablets features:

  • Use the arrow keys to select items on screen.
  • Pressing Return when an item is selected is equivalent to touching that item.
  • Pressing Escape is equivalent to touching Back.
  • Press Tab or Shift-Tab to move from field to field in a form or other screen with multiple text fields.

How to connect Mouse on Nexus 7

When you connect a mouse to your tablet and move the mouse, an arrow-shaped cursor appears, just as on a computer:

  • Use the mouse to move the cursor.
  • Clicking, pressing, and dragging with the mouse button are equivalent to touching, touching & holding, and dragging with your finger.
  • Only one mouse button is supported.
  • If your mouse has a trackball or scroll wheel, you can use it to scroll both vertically and horizontally.

How to connect Other input devices on Nexus 7

You can connect joysticks, gamepads, and other input devices to your tablet. If they work without special drivers or adapters on your PC, they will likely work with your tablet. However, games and other apps must be designed to support any special features of an input device, such as dedicated buttons or other controls, to take full advantage of them.

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