How To View About Device - Samsung Galaxy S5

How To Configure About Device - Samsung Galaxy S5
How To Configure About Device - Samsung Galaxy S5

Learn how to View About Device on your Samsung Galaxy S5. This menu contains legal information, system tutorial information, and other phone information such as the model number, firmware version, baseband version, kernal version, and software build number.

To access phone information:

  • From the main Settings screen, tap About device icon.

The following information displays:

  • Software update: allows you to update your phone software, if available.
  • Status: displays the Battery status, Battery level (percentage), Network, Signal strength, Mobile network type, Service state, Roaming status, Mobile network state, the phone number for this device (My phone number), IMEI number, IMEISV number, IP address, Wi-Fi MAC address, Bluetooth address, Serial number, Up time, and Device status.
  • Legal information: This option displays information about Open source licenses, Google legal information, and Samsung legal information. This information clearly provides copyright and distribution legal information and facts as well as Google Terms of Service, Terms of Service for Android-powered Phones, and much more pertinent information as a reference. Read the information and terms, then press Back Key to return to the Settings menu.
  • Report diagnostic info: allows you to report diagnostic information when you are have technical problems.
  • Device name: displays the phones model name.
  • Model number: displays the phones model number.
  • Android version: displays the android version loaded on this handset.
  • Baseband version: displays the baseband version loaded on this handset.
  • Kernel version: displays the kernel version loaded on this handset.
  • Build number: displays the software, build number.
  • SE for Android status: displays the Security Enhancement status of your device.
  • Security software version: displays the version of the latest security software.

Note: Baseband, kernal and build numbers are usually used for updates to the handset or support.

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