How To Block – Nokia Lumia 630

How To Block - Nokia Lumia 630
How To Block - Nokia Lumia 630


Learn how to block on your Nokia Lumia 630. Getting unwanted calls or text messages? Block them with the call+SMS filter app.

  • On the start screen, swipe down from the top of the screen, and tap ALL SETTINGS > call+SMSfilter.
  • Switch Block calls+SMS to On icon.
  • To add a phone number to your blocked numbers list, on the start screen, tap Call icon, swipe to history, tap and hold the caller you want to block, and tap block number….
  • You can also add numbers to your blocked numbers list from text messages.

Check which numbers are blocked

  • Tap blocked numbers.

Get notifications about blocked calls or messages

  • Tap advanced, and switch Notifications to On icon.

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