Google’s Android Honeycomb event is available in Youtube. Xoom, Android Market website, in-app purchases explored and Live video chat event with Cee-Lo Green

On Feb 2nd Google demonstrated its much anticipated Android 3.0 aka Honecomb mobile operating system targeted at tablets. Google has already leaked information about Android Honeycomb and what we can expect from it. But on Wednesday, they took it a new level by showing off all the big things it can do. Lot of things happened during the event that missed the headlines but are worth noting for nerds.

Google has made a great effort to make animation and scroll effects to be smooth by incorporating hardware acceleration for both 2D and 3D UI elements. The home-screen has bee slightly redesigned and there are no physical buttons, providing a full touch interface. When we say no physical buttons, we are not speaking about the power or volume controls; Instead buttons like Home, Search, etc., that are part of old devices have been completely removed.

Google has also revealed lot new widgets and old widgets and interface has been changed to suit the new look and usability. New applications like CNN news with live stream, Disney’s Radio Disney, a contact shortcut widget that allows you call to call contacts or email them with one touch, and the new video chat interface of Google chat application are revealed and demoed. The video chat application is demoed with the (pardon the language, it is a video album name) “F*** You” famous Cee-Lo Green.

As most of you would be aware that Android 3.0 (Honeycomb) is the first Google’s mobile operating system specially designed for tablets and poised to go head on with iPad iOS.

And if you have missed all the action of Android Honeycomb event, Google has uploaded a 52 minute video on Youtube for you. Grab a popcorn and watch this long video.

Google Android 3.0 aka Honeycomb Event

Click to play video

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