Google Launches Cloud Console App (Beta) For Android Developers Can Manage Google Cloud Platform On The Go

Google Launches Cloud Console App (Beta) For Android
Google Launches Cloud Console App (Beta) For Android

If you are developer who uses Google Cloud Platform and travels a lot, then you will be happy to know that Google has launched a Cloud Console App that can track your VM’s status and notifies you of any issues. This App is in beta and has some basic features like starting and stopping VMs, receive alerts for when there are problems or issues, notifies the status of you app and manage your performance stats and your resources from the Cloud Platform.

Get Alerts And Manage Incidents - Cloud Console App

Just like Google Now, Cloud Console App also comes with cards that you use to customize the App’s Home Page. It also integrates with Cloud Monitoring to enable automated incident tracking when system metrics deviate. You can configure alerts to display directly in the Android notification drawer, and you can comment so that your team knows you’re working on the issue. If there are incidents on your app or program, you’ll also be able to track them through Cloud Monitoring. And if you have a team working for or with you, you can also update them on the status of the issue and what is being done or what should be done.

View App Engine And Compute Engine Properties And Make Quick Changes - Cloud Console App

As this app is in beta Google will still be collecting feedback and data from the users in order to better improve the app and to add new features as well. You can also send your feedback, ideas and suggestions to!

You can download the Beta Version from Google Play Store.

For quick start guide visit here.

Source: Google Cloud Platform Blog

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