Google Funds YouTube To Host Original Content

YouTube, has decided to move from online video streaming site to broadcasting TV network. According to recent reports, Google wants to step into the broadcast TV model by hosting around 20 channels showcasing several hours of professionally produced original programming per week.

Google Funds YouTube to Host Original Content

YouTube has become the prominent video hosting and streaming site for user generated content. The popularity of Youtube was achieved through its ever loyal user base and the freedom of content that comes directly from the source and without the meddling of any TV network or production houses. But now Youtube is planning to bite into the broadcast TV model and got $100 million from Google to implement the original programming.

With this move YouTube will be competing with traditional TV networks with its own model of original content and the real questions here is “Will YouTube can emulate its success in this new broadcast TV model?”; “Will an average user who visits youtube to watch some random videos uploaded by his friends will want to see YouTube version of network programming?”.

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