Get Out Of Army Base With Apache In GTA Vice City

Get Out Of Army Base With Apache In GTA Vice City

This one is fun. It will get you killed before you get it right. You can get out of the army base with Apache in GTA Vice City. Follow the simple steps below

For this you are going to need loads and loads of rockets.

Best way i ever did it was with the Sanchez motor bike.

Basically get armor and full health.

Drive to the base any vehicle will do i like bikes there faster and have a better turning circle plus you can shoot forwards.

Head for the Chopper taking out as many army dudes as you can they re-spawn fast that’s why you’ll need the rockets.

Get to the chopper fly straight up then head to your mansion en route do the wanted level cheat and its yours.



  • Get the wanted level cheat and weapon set 2 cheats from any good cheat website.
  • There is ways to do it without cheating but you’re looking this up so you have already cheated.

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