Get All 20 Locoroco On Locoroco2

Get All 20 Locoroco On Locoroco2

Most of the people find trouble in finding all 20 locoroco in each level, follow the simple steps below

Get the muimui mui map. You will receive it when you get 300 music notes on that level. The muimui will ask for 1000 pickories, after you give it to him he will post they were a locoroco is.

Stay away from thorns. Sometimes the locoroco will be between thorns being careful when getting it!

Try getting protection. You get protection when you collect 400 music notes on that level.


Avoid mojas. They will eat you and you will lose locoroco.

If you touch a thorn try to get the fading locoroco back fast!

Check every single spot possible! They are sometimes hidden where you’d least expect it.

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