GeeXboX LiveUSB HTPC Linux Distro Hits v2.0

GeeXboX LiveUSB HTPC Linux distro hits v2.0

Last time we heard about GeeXboX, Palm was ushering out its first webOS phone, Google was putting the traditional navigation model in the grave and unlimited Skype calling over LTE was but a figment of our imagination — two years later, and the aforesaid distro is finally reaching version two dot oh. Like version 1.2.2, the HTPC-centric Linux distribution allows users to decode media on dual- and quad-core systems, with added support for devices running ARM SoCs (like the TI OMAP4 Pandaboard and Tegra 2). The new 72MB version ditches the unique ISO generator tool, legacy HDD installation, support for V4L Analog and DVB Digital TV cards (although the manufacturer promises the last digital feature “will come back shortly”).

Source : GeeXboX

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