Firefox doubles IE9 24 hour downloads tally

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Firefox 4 doubled downloads of Microsofts latest web browser IE9 for the first 24 hours, but with more twice downloads in its first day. Microsoft not without reason boasted that IE9 was downloaded 2.35 million times in the first 24 hours as we reported last week. But less than 24 hours after launch, Firefox 4 cleared 4.7 million, according to Mozilla Glow site that logs downloads.

Thats a lot less than Firefox 3 got 8 million copies were downloaded in first 24 hours. But the event was heavily promoted Download Day, as it noted Firefox 4s full day has not completed yet. In Firefoxs apt phrase choosing to upgrade the web. New browsers bring new web standards, performance, and often a new auto-update that lead the browsers to stay updated.

Firefox 4 new features

  • New security and Privacy options,
  • Faster loading and JavaScript,
  • Support for variety of new standards including WebM video and WebGL graphics, 3D graphics and 3D acceleration that extends even to Windows XP.

Mozilla expects its arrival will lead to increase in usage. The browser maker said it has 400 million Firefox users and its still counting. But as a percentage of Worldwide Web browser use its lost to Google Chrome, it now counts more than 10% of usage Worldwide.

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