Find Music in Spotify

Find Music in Spotify
Find Music in Spotify

Are you getting tired in searching for the music, follow the simple steps below to find the music

The Trade Friend Version. The easiest way to find new songs that you actually might like is getting a “trading friend” by adding friends through Facebook etc. and then trade songs with them. This is done by sending them a song saying “I like this, can you send a song back to me and we’ll repeat that to find music, ok?”

The Radio Function. Up in the left corner there are several tabs. One of them is called “radio”. Here there is a slider in the top where you can choose from what era your music comes from. (The 00s is also 2010+). You can also choose from multiple genres such as alternative, rock, and pop. You can also choose several and combine your own radio style. After that you just have to listen and once you find a song you like just put it in one of your playlists to keep it.

The ‘What’s New’ tab. It is located just above the Radio tab. When you press it you also have three new tabs called “What’s New” “Top Lists” and “Feed”. What’s new shows you the latest and most popular titles that the Spotify team have added to the Spotify library. Top List is exactly what it says, a list of the most popular songs and albums right now. You can try to search around here for some music that fits you. If you listen to more hard rock or older songs you probably won’t find much here. Feed is what your friends on Spotify or Facebook have posted so if you have people in your friends list that actively post things then this might be a good place to start.

The Related Artists feature and Artist Radio feature. Both can be found as tabs if you click on the artists name The related artists is a big list of artists with somewhat the same style so you can browse around a lot of different but still “the same” artists and find new music. The artist radio feature is a feature that lets you listen to songs similar to that artist style. Pretty much like a combined radio with related artists.


Try to not limit yourself to only one of the options but use as many as you can if you want to maximize your song lists length.

When looking through the related artists make sure that you have a lot of time because if you only listen to the first 3 seconds of their top 1 song you probably won’t find many new songs. Be patient.

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