Enter Area 69 In GTA SA (No Blue Hell)

Enter Area 69 In GTA SA (NO Blue Hell)

You can easily enter and explore the top secret government location known as "Area 69" in GTA: San Andreas. Follow the simple steps below

Press start and go to the San Andreas map. Focus on the third island. (Its best if you've got this far in the game.)

Move youre positioning lines to the middle of the third island, slightly to the left and the words "restricted area" should appear. Mark your target here.

Exit the map and make your way there. When possible, try to get a "freeway" motorbike on the way to the restricted area as you will need one to get in (you can find one in Fort Carson).

It's recommended at this point to enter the no wanted level cheat because you will be shot if you enter the restricted area without it.

Follow the road up to the area and you will arrive at a big fenced gate which doesn't open. Turn to your right and drive briefly down the fence line to where there's an open entry with a small track leading into the restricted area.

Drive in and make your way to an air vent on the top of the small ridge of sand. Park next to it so that the side you get off is the vent (you may have to position the bike a few times in order for this to work). Press triangle and you should end up in a room with a mini gun. From there you are free to explore the underground compound.

To leave the compound, go back to the first room you spawned in, (the one with the minigun). Walk down the steps and turn left. Go up some more steps and you should be in a room with one red door/gate in front of you and one to the side. Walk in and turn to your left. You should see two fenced off openings, turn once again to your left and face the vent, look carefully for it as it's easy to miss. Shoot the black slits covering it and jump in.

Walk up until you hit the roof and can hear the engine of your freeway motorbike, then press triangle and you should end up back on it.(You may need to position CJ differently a few times so that this can work)


  • This only works with the freeway motorbike.
  • It is recommended not saving after you've done this as it could corrupt game data because of the cheats being used.

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