Effectively Get Kills In Counter Strike

Effectively Get Kills In Counter Strike

You can get effective and quick kills in Counter Strike, follow the simple steps below

First, change your mouse sensitivity to a comfortable speed. Practice by pressing Create Server and playing with bots. Once you feel comfortable with your mouse speed, find a server with other online players.

Always remember that headshots are one hit kills. Whenever you shoot at someone, aim at their head. (glocks take 2 shots to the head).

Never "spray and pray. This term is referred to holding down your fire button and hoping some of the bullets will headshot (hs) your opponent. Instead, what you should do it "burst fire". This means that you should shoot 2-3 bullets at a time. Also, moving while shooting decreases your accuracy. Ducking will increase your accuracy, but makes you slower and easier to hit.

Some guns have silencers, which make your shots more accurate and quiet, but not as strong.

The AWP is the strongest weapon in the game. It is also a sniper. If you get good with the AWP, you should be getting kills very easily. The AWP is a one hit kill also, unless you hit the opponents legs. To increase your sniping speed, after you shoot do the "quick switch". This means pressing the q button once to get out of scope/switch weapons than pressing q again to switch back to your AWP. The best places to practice the AWP are at AWP maps such as awp_india v2.

Once you feel that you can AWP pretty well, try "strafe shooting". This means moving left and right, then stop moving at the same time that your shooting. This makes it hard for people to hit you.

Another important part of CSS is cover. Avoid going into an open area, but if you do, don't stand still. Hide behind boxes or crates, and pop out if you see an opponent.

If you are a terrorist and you planted the bomb, plant it in a place where you can see it from a distance. Also, never leave the bomb alone where you cant see it, always keep it in your site.

If you are a counter-terrorist, check all the obvious places where a terrorist would hide to guard the bomb. (in de_dust2, the pit)Once you are sure the coast is clear, go defuse the bomb (duck while youre defusing).

Having a mic is optional, but makes interactions in the game more fun. It is easier to communicate with your teamate if you have a mic.

Lastly, just have fun. Remember that it is just a game, so don't get angry if someone keeps killing you over and over again.


  • Practice, practice, practice. It took me about one year to get good with all of the guns and to know all the hiding spots.
  • When you die, spec (spectate) the people that have a good kdr (kill death ratio). You can learn a lot about skills and strategies by looking at how people play.
  • Remember to take a rest from playing.
  • Have good posture when you play, and good lighting.
  • This game may cause your eyes to ache after playing for a few hours.
  • If you don't have good posture, your back will ache.

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