Download And Install Custom Firmware On Your PSP


You want to play free games on your PSP, so you can download custom firmware and install it, follow the simple steps below

Here's a warning: Doing this voids your warranty and does not work on the PSP go, 3000, or many of the 2000 models. So if you want to go ahead with this get a PSP 1000 if you can.

Check what firmware you have. If you have 1.00 ot 1.50, disregard this entire article. That firmwares can use homebrew and install custom firmware (cfw).

Make a Pandora battery. These can be bought or made. I will give a link for the how-to.

Download Rain's free MMS maker and install it on your computer.

Plug your PSP into your computer and backup everything.

Use the MMS maker to make a MMS (or buy one online).

Install the Latest CFW.


If you want free music, wallpapers, themes, videos, or game demos, visit on your psp.

If you want emulators, OFW 6.30 has the ability to play neogeo, ps0ne, minis, and turbografx.

This might brick your PSP. You're screwed if it does.

Only about 50% of psp 2000s can be hacked. You have to open it up to find out what motherboard you have.

PSP 3000s and Go's won't work.

I'm not sure what firmware is the limit. I think its below 6.20.

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