Downhill Party In Test Drive Unlimited

Downhill Party In Test Drive Unlimited

In Downhill Party, when you get to the top of a mountain ranges peak and shoot of it into sky. Basically slingshot your car off mountain ranges, online with friends. Follow the simple steps below

First of all, you need to have bought the house called Mikaala Grand View in Mokule'ia, and have beaten all races in 1rst place, to earn teleportation.

Start-up test drive unlimited, load your game, go to options, and press GO ONLINE if you're not online already.

Press AD-HOC, and tell a few friends to press INFRASTRUCTURE, and select your game.

Have you and your friends teleport to your house.

Once you're there, face opposite from the house entrance, and drive up to the second electricity post, and stop.

Turn right, and go diagonally up the slope.

Stop by the fence. At the very top, there is the last part of a chain-link fence, and stop right by it.

Angle yourself to drop off the cliff.

Drop off it, but it's not really a cliff, it's a mountain range.

Scale the range as far as you desire, and then drive off, with your buddies.

  • You're falling now at a 90 degree angle, and then you hit the ground, and shoot out onto the valley, full of trees. It happens in less than five seconds, too, so it's pretty fast.

Teleport back to the house and keep doing itv, trying to angle yourselves to do different tricks.


You can also film your friends doing it, and put it in a video and post it on the internet.

There are a few trees and shrubs here and there that you can't run through, so watch out when you're bursting at 200mph.

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