Cheat On Vortex

Cheat On Vortex

Vortex is an iPod default game; it replaced the Bricks game on the older iPods where the paddle was at the base of the screen instead of around it. The cheat wont make your game go nuts, crash, or anything like that. The cheat now has been tested only on third, fourth, and fifth generation Nano, and working well on fourth generation Nano.

Choose the game "Vortex" in the game menu on the iPod.

Press "new game" if you don't have a saved game or "resume" if you do.

Press the menu button. If clockwise, press |<<. If counter-clockwise, press >>|.

For an Extra Life, press

  • |<< if upright
  • Menu if clockwise, or
  • >|| if counter-clockwise.

To Beat the Level, press

  • >>| if upright
  • >|| if clockwise, or
  • Menu if counter-clockwise.

For a cheat that only works on every iPod with the game, type in the cheat section, press the main menu

Choose "Personal Info" and "Rename" and type in

  • ME_PAZ for the laser gun
  • I_GUNZ for the gun powerup
  • FORSIX for 24 lives
  • _PWR_B for a powerball
  • NO_ID_ for special backgrounds

Hold the center button and enjoy


It's more fun if you don't use the level beating cheat and just use the extra life cheat when you are low on health.

Works on iPod Nano 4th or 5th Generation (Chromatic)

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