Change Your AIM Password

Change Your AIM Password
Change Your AIM Password

If you are going to change your AIM password for the first time, you have been on the program called AIM then you know its a program and when it asks you to consider changing your password then you must change it, follow the simple steps below

Log off aim. This lets you log off in case you want to do it and it will turn the program off.

Click a new password. Remember when clicking a new password you can look at the passwords that can be changed and added

Know the new password. When you are trying to change your old password consider what you need to do in order to set a new one and what it's going to be called

Set the old password and what new password you will have. This means typing your old password and then considering typing your new password inside.

Press enter when done. When you do the program will tell you when the password is changed and will let you know by telling you.

And then you are finished. Make sure you know this when you type in a new password.


  • Make sure that the program you're on knows what you are doing and what youre changing.
  • Make sure that you know the old password and make sure to know what the new password will be like for you.
  • Make sure that your computer can handle a new password. Remember most passwords will be hard to know depending on what type you want to make.
  • Make sure that it's safe and protective and that when you log off your computer should know it for you.
  • Don't make a mistake when using this password if you do you might forget later on and might want to remember.
  • Make sure that when you shut down you still have the password that you are keeping the next time you log on just remember this and don't consider changing it otherwise you might not know what it is then.
  • Don't consider changing your new password with an old password remember some passwords have this and in case you forgot how it works you need to be sure that the password you are trying to change depends on the old password you used and what new one you are trying to put in so you don't forget later on.
  • Don't let hackers or predators know your password you have the right to know it and nobody else besides you if you are off the computer and are having problems later on you might be infected so beware.
  • Don't let anybody hack into your password they sometimes have a code they can put in and might get in and steal your password don't let this happen to you at all.
  • If your computer is in shut down or locked then you will have no way to log on or get into your computer this is what you should do if you are able to get through this one but remember sometimes it might not work.
  • This will not be only visible to you but to other people too if you want you can do this as many times as you want for your safety but please reconsider not changing the password too many times.

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