Buy A Game For Android

Buy A Game For Android

You can play games on Android devices by downloading and installing directly through the device when you buy a game for Android without having to go to a computer. Follow the simple steps below.

  • Tap the small green icon on your Android main window that looks like shopping bag with a robot on it. This will take you to the Android Market.
  • Select “Applications” and then “Entertainment.” Here you can see applications sold on the marketplace that are related to entertainment, including Android games. The following features should be displayed for each game.
    • Name of the game (displayed in large white text).
    • Maker or seller of the game (displayed underneath the name).
    • Price (displayed on the right hand side in your local currency).
    • Rating (displayed as green stars underneath the price. More stars means better ratings with a maximum possibility of 5-star rating).
  • Pick the game that you want to purchase by tapping on it.
  • Read the game description. Reading the description will help you decide whether you really want to purchase the game or not. The description can include information such as the following.
    • Type of characters in the game.
    • Story or plot that the game follows.
    • Game genre (such as Racing or Shooting).
    • Feedback and reviews provided by other people who have previously bought and played the game.
  • Press the “Buy” button if you want to go ahead with your purchase after reading the game description. This will take you to the Google Checkout window, which is the standard method of making purchases through an Android device.
    • Choose the type of credit card that you want to use to make your payment (options include Visa, MasterCard, American Express and Discover).
    • Provide the number of the card that you want to pay with.
    • Enter the card expiration date (month and year).
    • Type in the CVC code (the last 3 numbers from the back of the card).
    • Declare the name exactly as it appears on the credit card.
  • Submit the information after it has been filled in on the Google Checkout page.
  • Accept the Google Checkout terms of service on the page that appears.
  • Confirm your purchase on the next page. You will be shown exactly how much you are paying as the final price for the Android game.
  • Wait for the game to download completely (you can see the status of the download in the “My Downloads” window that appears).
  • Tap on the game icon to start playing the game. You can play games immediately after they have been downloaded because they are installed automatically after the download is complete.


If you don’t want to buy a game for Android through the Android Market, try going to websites such as Gameloft. As long as your Android device can connect to the Internet you can go to these websites to download and install games directly through the device.

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