Build A Hackintosh

Build A Hackintosh
Build A Hackintosh

A Hackintosh is a non-Apple computer which nevertheless runs OS X. You will need to buy a retail copy of OS X and breach your EULA as is your right under the legal doctrine of fair use. Follow the simple steps below

Acquire OS X compatible hardware. If you want a netbook study the netbook compatibility database at BoingBoing

Purchase OS X retail for $29.

Partition a 8Gb thumb drive as Mac OS Extended filesystem type.

Copy the Install DVD image to your hard drive.

Restore the image to your thumb drive.

Install Chameleon and EFI bootloaders onto your thumb drive

Tweak your BIOS.

Install OS X.

If you use a legitimate retail edition of OS X you should be able to install updates but check beforehand that they won't cause any incompatibilities.


Kexts are the Mac equivalent of Windows Drivers or Linux modules.

OS X images already prepared are available but illegal unless you buy a retail copy of OS X.

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