Borderlands 2 The Cold Shoulder Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 The Cold Shoulder Walkthrough

Borderlands 2 The Cold Shoulder is an optional mission that can be acquired by speaking to Scooter in Sanctuary after Bright Lights, Flying City.


In Borderlands 2 The Cold Shoulder, we learn from him that he has a girlfriend, Laney, who has been brainwashed by the rats in The Fridge area. Scooter hopes we can bring her back to normal by offering her some gifts.


Scooters girlfriend, Laney, has been brainwashed into becoming a tunnel rat. Scooter has asked you to bring Laneys favorite flowers and food to her in The Fridge, in the hopes of turning her back into a non-cannibalistic human being.

Level: 20


Money: $434

Item: Skin

Experience: 3859 XP


If we use a fast travel system to go to The Fridge area, we will enter through the doors in the first region where the smaller waypoint is. In here we can accomplish the secondary objective, by collecting three girly magazines for Scooter.

The first magazine is on a wooden crate on the roof where the Supplies sign is.

The second one can be found on a crate near the damaged vehicle on the broken bridge. As we stand on the bridge, if we look to the left, we will see the words Keep Clear written vertically (west side of the region). On that roof we can find the last magazine for Scooter.

Now that we have all the Scooters magazines, we can advance to the next waypoint to pick up some flowers. Unfortunately for us, the flowers are down in the area with the powerful Volatile Crystalisks.

Because of this, we need to kill them using a rocket launcher or a high damage weapon. If we fall down before eliminating those that are closer to our objective, we need to hide as much as possible when they launch their Slag attacks.

When the zone is clear, we can collect five flowers for Laney from the red/purple plants around here (not the stinging cactuses). After we have all the needed flowers, we head to the next waypoint, where Moxxis pizza is scattered around the broken vehicle. We grab five of them (the last one is a bit tricky, because its on the highest rubble and can be reached only by dropping down from the upper level) and we return in the area near the fast travel and vending machines. Here we must place the flowers in the tire and the food on the crate. Laney White will come out from the door, but she is actually mad on Scooter and will attempt to kill us.

To quickly get rid of her, we use a shock weapon to drop down her shield and then a high damage weapon. The problem about this fight are the little minions she spawns, hence we have to take care and get to cover to restore our shield. Once she is dead we can turn in Borderlands 2 The Cold Shoulder mission to Scooter in Sanctuary, and then focus on other missions in The Fridge zone.

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