Boo The Space Hamster Egg In Mass Effect 3

Boo The Space Hamster Egg In Mass Effect 3

The hamster gets around, because its finally found itself in space and escaped from the cage in Shepards quarters. Boo can get lonely sometimes, so youre going to want to visit his hiding spot in the Normandy. Below youll find a short description for finding this notorious furball.

  • Take the elevator, in the Normandy, to the Engineering Deck.
  • Use the door to your right just as you exit the elevator and get down the steps into a red-light spot. This tucked away location is where Jack once stayed back in Mass Effect 2.
  • Watch the floor for the Space Hamster, hell scurry about on the ground. Hes hard to spot, but you can see the interaction parentheses around Boo as he runs about on the floor.
  • Chase the parentheses and get close to grab Boo. If he escapes into the pipes, dont worry, keep searching the room and Boo will pop out again.
  • If youre able to grab Boo, return to your Cabin and interact with your new cage. Congratulations, you now have your Space Hamster pet!

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