Be Good At Blitz, Overtime For PSP

Be Good At Blitz, Overtime For PSP

You ever be owned by enemy in Blitz, follow the simple steps below

Always, always, have at least some charge in Clash meter. If you don't, you will often be tackled when you're almost at touchdown. And Clash can prevent this.

When defending, use Dirty Hits as often as possible, but remember about step 1, don't deplete Clash meter completely. Each Dirty Hit lowers victim's stamina, making him worse at playing and more prone to injury. If you injure enemy and he will be juiced, try to injure him even more - if you manage to do this again, he will be really messed up.

When your player gets injured, don't juice him when he can recover in a few plays or quarters. But if it's going to take a long time for him to recover and you really need him to win the match - juice him. Just remember that if he gets injured again, it will be really serious and you can lose him for several games or even a season.

When running for touchdown using Clash, always use Juke by pressing circle. Stiff arm move on cross doesn't seem to work well.

Practice. Especially using Clash mode at proper time and doing Jukes.

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