Be A GTA 4 Online Gang

Be A GTA 4 Online Gang

Grand Theft Auto IV has brought some of the best online play ever seen, and if you have played the game, you will probably agree. For the Team Deathmatch, Free Mode (online), or any online game mode that has teams, you can be a GTA 4 online gang, follow the simple steps below

Get a couple of friends and agree on who is in what gang, your background info, etc.

Go ahead and buy The Ballad of Gay Tony as that brings in the rocket helicopter and a load of better gameplay such as new guns, parachutes, etc.

Find a car, nothing in the game that is destructible puts up more than a car. Fill it up, the more the merrier

Go ahead and get someone in a rocket helicopter during fights, it helps.

Maintain a solid communication with your teammates, they know about the game as well.

Don't try to ram other cars full of the enemy head on, because it is usually ineffective. Shoot at the cars while you are following them.

Drive around and have one person focus on driving, while the others focus on shooting.

It's always good to have air support and if you get stuck, go ahead and bail out into a building and stay up there. If the other gang comes, kill them and then parachute away.


  • Get a BIG car, armored truck, and cavalcade, whatever it is make it big.
  • Make sure that everyone has and Uzi, or something that isn't just a handgun.
  • If youre the driver, try to keep your eyes on the road, killing is the other three guy's jobs.
  • If you have people with good guns, focus for a fast car. Strength doesn't matter if you can blow up the car really quickly.
  • If the car gets totaled, make sure everyone knows whats going on.
  • Don't betray your friends; they may never trust you again.
  • Be fair. People all should have an equally fair task to do.

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