Avatars of iPhone (Free Applications)

Introduction to iPhone

You cannot get a better introduction for iPhone than this

An iPod a phone and an internet communicator Are you getting it?. These are not separate devices this is one device, and we are calling it as iPhone. Today apple is going to reinvent the phone here it is

Steve Jobs Introducing iPhone

While you walk along cool breeze around the park, you could see senior citizens listening music and jogging. Girls speak in a mild voice in next cubicle using it. Quietly guys chatting with it in office pantry.

Wondering what is the miracle inside it?

Does it really worth to buy an expensive iPhone?

But iPhone you can do many more and more. Here are the few free apps which are interesting and helpful. You will get a feel does all these features possible in one device? Enjoy exploring.

iPhone as iPod

iPod (Default Application)

You would have seen teenagers neck surrounded with white colored circuits. You can see china written at the end of wiring’s. Those wiring’s ends with either of iPhone, iPod or iPad. A small orange colored icon which contains the iPod does the music entertainment. During your long journeys movies in iPhone will be a good companion.

iPhone as a Phone

iPhone as a Phone


A threat to telecom service providers. You can call anyone on their Phones for free. (Just dail their country code & their number). It requires Viber to be installed on iPhones & internet connection.


Yet an another 3G !!!. You can make Video calls to your friends just you need is Tango & internet on iPhone.
Hope for the call rates slashing down further.

iPhone as Breakthrough Internet Communicator

You have lot of options for the chats. You can be connected to the internet world (iPhone i stands for it).

Fring Fring

An application which connects with multiple chat accounts.You can chat/talk with your buddies in Gtalk, Yahoo, MSN, SIP, Twitter, facebook, AIM, ICQ.

Talkatone Talkatone

If you have login issue with Fring application, you can go for this application. Here the voice quality is less but this application has more uptime.

Yahoo! Messenger Yahoo! Messenger

Yahoo chats – The eye opener in the chat world. Get in to it with your yahoo email account & enjoy.

Skype Skype

The famous application for the voice call over internet. Get installed the skype application, use your skype application enjoy calls.

Facebook Facebook

The new social networker& most visited site face book comes with a free application. Face book ID will keep you alive with your facebook contacts. Provides you latest status updates, live feeds, notifications, allows you to upload pictures taken from iPhone, & many more.

iPhone as Email box

Mail (Default Application)

You can configure Gmail, Yahoo mail, Microsoft Exchange, Aol, emails in iPhone. You can configure push notifications and also you can configure to check emails at regular intervals and beeps you whenever you have a new mail. It enables you to read attachment in the emails. You can search based on keyword in From To Subject and All.

iPhone as External Harddisk

When you ask mobile retailer for iPhone, next moment he ask you 8GB, 16 GB or 32 GB. You can use as USB Hard disk. Store your pictures, songs, pdfs etc and access it on your palms. I never attempted to boot my laptop from iPhone.

iPhone as Data Card

Connect your iPhone with internet access to your laptop and enjoy browsing in Laptop through your iPhone, just as a data card.

iPhone as News Channel /Score Card/ Video player

iCricket iCricket

A cricket lover hardly miss India Pakistan encounters. These days IT Security guys keeps blocking the entire scorecard sites inside office, how long SMS can help?
Dont you feel happy with a buzz whenever wicket goes down? -Here comes the iPhone with its application iCricket.

Mobicast MobiCast

Mobicast connects to the www.espncricinfo.com and gets you the cricket. It has the live scorecards and ball by ball commentary. details.Start searching your favourite sports apps in App Store.

BBC News Online BBC News

A handy tool to track the happenings around the world. BBC news you can install & check out the news & events.


India New channel on iPhone with Stories,India, world, Business Sports etc etc. Unfortunately no Sun TV, Vijay TV in App store. Hurry up developers !!!

Tamil Daily Tamil Daily

It really good to see Dinamalar news innraya mukkiya seidhigal in TamilDaily application with frequent updates.

YouTube YouTube (Default Application)

Video collections giant comes as default application with iPhones.

iPhone as a FM

Tandora - Tamil Radio Tandora – Tamil Radio

A radio with collection of Tamil FMs, Srilankan based Tamils FMs& Candian Tamil FMs. Radios seeks an internet connection. Its a radio for free iPhone, iPad, iPod in Indian Languages Tamil, Hindi and Telugu. It supports multitasking and its simple to operate. It has the timer option to play radio.

iPhone as Travel Guide

Amazing tool to find a place. You would have experienced, auto wala speaking

Kya – Kither jaana hey? Ohh (blinking blinking)

Sir Straight hogi, mundhey circle barthini right thagoli sir- (blinking blinking)

Sir Tamil-ah? Appadi sollunga Straighta ponga, circlela right edunga neera ponnanga sir.

A mixture of English, Hindhi, Kannada, Tamil to find a place. No more !!!

Maps (Default Application)

An amazing present from Apple Inc. Key in your destination and click search. You will be guided perfectly with a moving icon. You have option to calculate the estimated duration by Bus, Taxi and walk. Awesome tool.

I traced a road between Singapore to Malaysia Quiet interesting???

Maps - Finding a place

Singapore Transit (Singapore)

An application for locals,tourist who visits Singapore. MRT maps provided by LTA.MRT (Mass Rapid Transit) guide for Singaporeans. North East Line, North South Line, East West Lines, Circle Lines..

London Tube Map (UK)

For London people, guides you with the blue line, yellow line, orange line, etc.


A bus guide provides the bus details between destinations, bus number, timings, frequency, bus stops, distance etc. A handy tool for Island bus travellers- A complete bus guide.

Show nearby

This application helps you to find the nearest places of interest like shopping mall, ATMs, bus stops, car parks, petrol stations, restaurants etc. You can get bus arrival timing, movie show times, car park rates, etc.

iChangi (Singapore)

Check your flight timings and status of it. Dear ones flying need to rush airport? Enter your Flight numbers and track it. It will give you details of how to reach airport, taxi numbers, timings etc etc.

Similarly you can find the other country airport apps available.

Singapore Walks Self-Guided Walking Tours

Want to go around during weekends No idea where to go? Down this application and roam around places.

City Orientation Tour,Singapore Land Marks, Singapore Museums, Shopping Areas, Night Life in Singapore, Romantic Singapore and many more.

iPhone as a Video Game

Modern kids stop their cry once you give them the iPhone, I was amazed, when a 2 year old kid unlocks the iPhone screen by seeing the Arrow (no trainings). Is it user friendly or kids friendly?

No wonder if resumes carries hobby as iPhone usage

DLF IPL lite India Games T20 Fever lite

A free 3 over DLF IPL game, you can practice batting with this game. Play the facebook match by making your teams with your friends agains an IPL Team and post it on Facebook wall.

Stick Cricket Stick Cricket

A popular cricket batting game. Its all about short selection and timing.

Angry Birds Angry Birds

A puzzle video game, players use a slingshot to launch birds at pigs stationed within various structures.

RC Car Extreme RC Car Extreme

Drive car fast and safely reach the Finish line in specified time with unexpected mountains. 8 levels are available as free.

Road Hunter Road Hunter

Reach the end of each level and destroy other cars to get bonuses. Two levels are free. Pay to unlock next levels.

Labyrinth 3D Labyrinth 3D

Guide the metal ball to the end by tilting your iPhone. Challenging Game. Finish the levels in short time.

Strike Knight Strike Knight

A timing based arcade bowling game. But scoring is different from the traditional bowling games.

Glow Hockey Glow Hockey

A nice looking air hockey game, you enjoy playing with easy, medium and hard levels.

iPhone as a language tool

Dictionary Dictionary

A dictionary for free! Tamil dictionary is also available but you need to pay for it. Entire dictionary is available and works for common words even you are not connected to internet.

Sellinam Sellinam

Tamil enthusiast would love to send SMS in Tamil. Here goes a free application for it Sellinam. Type in English & see tamil writings for it. Sellinam allows news, blogs, and other Tamil scripts to be read on iPhone.

iTransliterate iTransliterate

Yet a another interesting tool which writes in multiple languages. Write in English & check out in your desired Indian language Tamil, Hindi, Bengali,Gujarathi,etc Enjoy Madi !!!

iPhone as a PDA

Say Hi to Eco & bye to paper. Note down your tips and tricks here. Mange your to-do list here. Pen your thinking here

Calendar (Default Application)

For your everyday task, key-in the activities, beeps you whenever you wish! You will not be going late to meetings!


Are you really bored in typing in MAC keyboards. No worries!! You have the voice recording application AudioNote. Just record you tasks here, review it whenever you need it.

Notes (Default Application)

Keep writing using Notes. We use this during our trips to pen the expenses. Later Circulate notes as email by a click.

Glow Free

Scribble as you wish and email it. No more paper waste. Magic board for kids.

iPhone for mBanking

BFSI has also placed its foot in iPhone. Went to bank, saw an advertisement. Use mbanking in your iPhone & win a iPhone4. Started my App Store search and found a useful utility. iPhone connects to the internet world in a smart way.

DBS Bank DBS Bank – Singapore

The Singapores largest bank online trading made easy through iPhone. Send a SMS to bank number. You will get a link to install. Locate your ATM, Dining, Customer care details.

CitiBank SG CitiBank SG

Citi bank has also its presence in iPhone with its Shopping, Rebate, ATM Locator etc. mBanking mobile banking or Mini Bank?

Stocks Stocks (Default Application)

Share traders can have the stock prices on the go.

Country specific Stock apps also available in App Store.

iPhone as Security Device

In College, we would be searching books for mini projects; the first project will be Theft Alarm. iPhone has it too.

Theft Alarm lite Theft Alarm lite

ARM your iPhone, in 5 seconds it goes to ARM. Whenever anyone touches or vibration to the iPhone, it alarms you with Red flash light and siren sound. It would be a nice option whenever you charge iPhone in office. Enjoy your extended tea breaks!! Read the unarm option.

iPhone as Camera

iPhone has 5 Mega Pixel camera. Camera at the front and back side of the iPhone.

iPhone Camera Camera (Default Application)

You can use this application to take pictures, videos with/ without flash lights. Take self pictures, you smile to whatever extent you want to and click… click…

Gorillacam Gorillacam

Dont get scared of the name- A trustable application only!. Zoom, Self timer, Anti shake, Press Anywhere, 3 Shot Burst and many more. Select your Level High, Medium, Low. Start clicking!!!

Mirror Zoom Mirror Zoom

Check yourself in the mirror within hands iPhone camera does it for you.

Piconhand Piconhand

Access your picasa web albums from your iPhone. Install this application, Login with your Picasa account and enjoy checking your pictures. Upload pictures to picasa using this app.

PS Express PS Express

Photoshop express in your iPhone. Take pictures, edit pictures within the iPhone and post it. Enjoy.

iPhone as Extended tool

Clock (Default Application)

World Clock, Alarms, Stop Watch, Timers in iPhone.

Note- Alarms didnt work on 2nd Jan 2011 because of a bug.

Calculator (Default Application)

As a calculator when you use it vertically. Rotate horizontally to get scientific calculator.

iPhones are not released during my Engineering days. If I have been given iPhone in exam halls.

CameraLight FrontLight

When I planned to buy mobile, torch light in Nokia 1100 was one of the deciding factor. How will I iPhone miss torch option. It has FrontLight app which uses flash light and its really bright. You can use this light to take pictures in iPhone.

Atlas 2011

Locate the countries. Holidays approaching you? Plan your trips with your Atlas to roam around the world. Carry your pocket altlas wherever you go for quick reference.


Self Check Uptime, Os Name, OS Release, Model, Kernel, Battery, Uptime etc. Hardware details through this application.

I have my fingers crossed to answer questions, Does it worth to pay more?

Next release ???

Next Release?

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