Amazon Could Also Silk Browser On Mac, PC And Other Mobile Devices

Amazon could also Silk browser on Mac, PC and other mobile devices

Amazon has a nice browser Silk introduced to their new tablet yesterday. This could also be used outside soon and, most importantly Opera competition. Even Amazon uses its strong server before accessing a website to make considerably less, thus achieving a faster loading time and 3MB data in only 50KB to pull out of your very limited traffic from UMTS.

Even if the Amazon server should fail me, the data is still transferred, but then of course you may wish to normal size, but such compression is not naturally applicable to video or music. Furthermore, the browser learns over time what pages users like sighted and loads them as required, to enable an even faster browsers.

Amazon has it been announced are not yet registered with over 500 domains, it is quite likely that even the PC, Mac and other mobile operating systems a piece of the new browser gotten. Above all domains such as "", "" and " "indicate that we will soon see Silk Amazon not only on the Fire, and Kindle Touch Tablet.


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