Add, Remove A Program Icon From The Dock Of Mac

Add, Remove A Program Icon From The Dock Of Mac
Add, Remove A Program Icon From The Dock Of Mac

The dock is the row of icons available on the bottom of the desktop of Mac. Its purpose is to provide with the accessibility to the files, programs, and applications you use the most, such as your Internet browser, email, music players, and more. As your interests and priorities change, sometimes you need to add or remove certain program icons from the dock. Follow the simple steps below

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Add a Program Icon to the Dock

Navigate to the file you want added to the Dock. You can add any program, application, folder, website link, or any other file you access regularly to the Dock.

  • Use the Finder window to locate the file you want moved to the Dock. The Finder icon can be accessed from your Dock.

Click directly on the file or icon you want added to the Dock.

Drag and drop the file from the Finder window over to the Dock. Icons for applications will always reside to the right of the divider line present in the Dock; whereas all other icons such as website links and folders will reside to the left of the divider line.

  • To move a website link from your Internet browser to the Dock, click on the small icon to the left of the link displayed in the address bar of your browser, then drag and drop it into the Dock.

Remove a Program Icon from the Dock

Click on the program icon you want removed from the Dock.

Drag and drop the icon from the Dock to any open spot on your Mac's Desktop. An animation that resembles a poof of smoke will display to indicate that the program icon has been removed from the Dock.


  • Add multiple program icons to the Dock by selecting the icons all at the same time, then dragging and dropping them in a group into the Dock.
  • To move a program icon to a different location within the Dock, click and drag the icon in the Dock to a new location within the Dock then drop the icon into place by releasing your mouse.
  • Create folders in which you can store multiple files to prevent the icons in the Dock from becoming smaller, which will occur as you continue to add more icons to the Dock. For example, place all your favorite website links into a folder, and then move that particular folder to your Dock. You will then be able to access your favorite websites by clicking on the folder.
  • The Finder and Trash icons cannot be removed from the Dock on your Mac computer. These programs have been permanently embedded in the Dock by Mac developers.

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