Accident Free Trains

Accident Free Trains
Accident Free Trains


Even in 21st century there are more derailments. Though there are lots of technological improvements but the train accidents are occurring very frequently. There are lot of human losses and fiscal losses. In order to avoid such accidents we have designed a working model called ACCIDENT FREE ELECTRO MOTIVE which prevents the two trains from accident that are running on the same track. Some train accident cuttings are enclosed inside.


An LDR is placed in front of each train. When the head light of one train falls on the LDR of another train, the LDR gets activates the circuit and indicates the train driver as train is coming in front of it with help of LED.

  • A DC motor can be connected at the output, which will stop the train.
  • A relay can also be used instead of motor.


Component Name Model / Value Needed
Resistor 1k 4
Transistor BC 557 b 3
100 1
Var Resistor 22k 1
SCR SN 106 1
Switch 1
Relay 6V 1
DC Motor 9V 1

Other Components

Component Name Model / Value Needed
Toy Train 1
Headlight 1

The circuit prevents the two model trains, which are running, are on same track from accidents when the two approaches each other. An LDR is placed in front of each train. When a train come near another train light falls on the LDR in front from the lamp at the back of the train going ahead.

Head light of both the trains must be switched around the clock.


When the light falls on LDR,the transistor t1 gets activated which in turn operates the transistor t2 and t3. SCR is triggered and the DC motor which is mechanically linked to the dynamic breaks of the train. The breaks are activated and the train stops. An light (LED) can be connected which indicates the driver another train in front of it. A solenoid can be used instead of DC motor. This method requires small mechanical arrangements.

Another Way

Instead of DC motor 6V relay can be connected. When the relay gets the supply of 6V from the circuit it will disconnect the train supply voltage. A variable resistor.

A laser source can be placed instead of headlight so that train coming at the longer distance can be indicated. Light source is used because light has the maximum velocity i.e 3*10^8 m/s.

In order to prevent the accidents in front and back of the train the following arrangements are made,

  1. Head lights are kept in the left side of the train
  2. LDRs are kept in the right side of the train (or vice versa)

Preventing Accidents using LDR

At turnings accidents can be prevented by using the mirror arrangement as shown in figure.

At turnings accidents can be prevented by using the mirror arrangement


  • Accidents can be avoided so that human life is saved
  • No wastage to the property
  • Equipment cost is very cheap
  • Components are available abundantly
  • Easy to construct


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